Self-Service Auto Parts Vs. New Auto Parts: How Do They Compare?

Self-service auto parts are vehicle components that drivers “pick and pull” from automobiles in a junkyard using their own tools. Because the components are as accessible to consumers as new components, drivers sometimes find it hard to choose one option over the other. If you are in this position, you may want some information that compares and contrasts the two types of parts. That’s what we provide below using four important criteria for evaluating auto components.

1. Price

You’ll obviously pay a lower price for pre-owned parts than you would for new parts, but what is the price differential? In most cases, you can count on paying at least 50 percent less for used parts, and the price discount can rise even higher. Many of our customers find that they can acquire two or more used components for what they would pay for a single, new component.

2. Warranty

Whereas new parts are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, some used parts are old enough to not be covered by the warranty. However, depending on where you get self-service auto parts, you may have an opportunity to purchase part warranties from the seller. Wrench-A-Part offers this option. You can apply a warranty to parts for $1 per part per day.

3. Reliability

While new parts are the obvious choice when it comes to lifespan, it’s important to remember that many used auto parts in a junkyard are nearly new. That’s because they are installed in vehicles that were taken out of commission prematurely due to wrecks or persistent mechanical problems that don’t affect other parts. Your parts may be used, but they don’t have to be old.

4. Compatibility

Unlike the generic auto parts that mechanics often install to help minimize cost for the customer, a high percentage of the parts you find in a junkyard come from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Many drivers prefer installing OEM parts instead of generic ones because more information is available about the latter. OEM parts are available in our inventory.

Looking for Quality Used Auto Parts?

If you need to save money by purchasing self-service auto parts, Wrench-A-Part is the place to shop. In addition to offering competitive prices on all parts and only selling pre-owned components of the highest quality, we also give you the option of placing a warranty on the parts you buy to protect your investment. If you need OEM parts that were made for your make and model vehicle, there’s a good chances that you can find them at one of our business locations.

To see if we have your vehicle in our inventory, visit us online and check the inventories of our locations in Austin, Belton, Holland, and Lubbock from the convenience of your personal computer. We look forward to supplying you with parts that keep your vehicle running smoothly!


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