Four Products That Simplify Parts Removal

In the junkyard industry, the term self-service auto parts refers to vehicle components that consumers remove from end-of-life vehicles using their own tools. However, for drivers that aren’t accustomed to performing auto part installation and removal, deciding which tools to bring can present a challenge. While practically everyone knows to bring wrenches and screwdrivers, not everyone knows to bring the following products that can also assist with parts removal.

1. Penetrating Oil

Penetrating oil is a specially formulated, oil-based product that easily distributes through tight spaces to make auto parts easier to remove. For example, if an auto part is secured in place by nuts and bolts that have rusted together to form a practically unbreakable bond, applying penetrating oil to the parts will help break the bond so you can remove the part with a wrench.

2. Rubber Mallet

Some self-service auto parts are bound together due to corrosion and require a bit of elbow grease to break apart, while other parts form only a slightly stronger bond than normal due to dirt and grease that accrete around the connection point. If you remove fixtures that keep a part in place, and it still stays in place, try gently tapping it with a mallet to break the weak bond.

3. Dielectric Cleaner

Dielectric cleaner is designed to remove grime from precision electrical parts. If you need an electrical part, but the part is difficult to see due to the accumulation of engine residues, spraying the part with a non-flammable, non-residue dielectric cleaner that quickly evaporates can remove the accretion and help you see exactly how the part you need is secured in place.

4. Tire Iron

If you need self-service auto parts that require you to remove a wheel to access them, be sure to bring along a tire iron for removing lug nuts that secure the wheel in place. Because vehicles have lug nuts of different sizes, using a t-shaped tire iron that has four lug nut settings is a smart idea. In the absence of a t-shaped tire iron, bringing a ratchet wrench set is a good alternative.

Get Your Parts From Us

Wrench-A-Part is a professionally operated junkyard that offers self-service auto parts for some of the best prices in the business. Consequently, in order to facilitate parts removal, it’s worth the effort of bringing some extra products that aren’t normally found in a toolbox. To see if we currently have the vehicle from which you need parts in our inventory, contact one of our Texas locations in Austin, Belton, Holland, or Lubbock. We look forward to supplying you with parts!     



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