Salvage Yards to Avoid Near Belton, TX

Every industry has companies that do right by customers and companies that don’t seem to care. Unfortunately, we often learn which ones are in the latter group after having a bad service experience. When it comes to choosing salvage yards near Belton, that’s what we’d like to help you avoid. If you find salvage yards near Belton that have any the characteristics below, steer clear.

1. Third Party Towing

There’s nothing wrong with third party towing. The problem is that, sometimes, the tow truck operators, who pay for the car aren’t on the same financial same page as the junkyard. The junkyard says your car is worth a certain amount, then the truck driver says it’s worth less. You rarely encounter this problem when dealing with salvage yards that have their own trucks.

2. No Transfer of Title

Part of the reason for proving you own a vehicle before selling it is to legally transfer ownership. If you don’t, you’re on record as the last one to own the car. Let’s say you sell a used car that still drives, and the vehicle is stolen from the salvage lot to commit a crime, then abandoned. Guess who comes up as the owner? The same person whose door the police will knock on at 5:30 a.m.

3. Price Estimate of Zero

For a car to be worth nothing, it literally has to be a pile of rust, with no working parts or scrap metal to recycle. Even badly wrecked cars are worth money to recyclers, which means they’re valuable to junkyards that sell scrap to recyclers. How do you know for sure your car isn’t worthless? No junkyard would tow it if it was. It wouldn’t make good business sense.

4. Delayed Payment Request

When you transfer ownership to the buyer, you’re no longer the owner, which means you lose the right to liquidate the vehicle. You can always take a deadbeat junkyard to small claims court if it doesn’t pay you, but good luck with collecting on the judgement you receive. It’s easier to do things right the first time: Receive full payment in cash for your car, right when you sell it.


Need a Reputable Salvage Yard?

Most salvage yards in Belton offer great service. After all, word would get around if they didn’t, and business would suffer. With that said, we invite you choose Wrench-A-Part, because service is our top priority. We offer free estimates, free towing, and pay you in cash when we buy the vehicle — no strings attached.

For a free estimate, call our Belton Location today at (254) 831-4905, ext. 1, or use our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!

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