Pull Your Own Parts at a Junkyard: 4 Tools to Leave at Home

When we talk about how to pull your own parts at a junkyard, we often mention tools that will help you pull parts in the right way, not tools that won’t help you. However, there are indeed some devices that you should leave your garage or toolshed, as you head to a junkyard to pull your own parts.

Below are four examples of these tools, with an explanation of how each one could cause unwanted issues for you, the junkyard, or both. If you’re selecting tools for a junkyard visit, there’s no need to weigh yourself down with the following pieces of equipment, as useful as they may be in other contexts.

1. Cutting Torches

Cutting torches provide an efficient way to cut through metal that has thin to medium thickness. They also provide an efficient way to cause a fire in the oily engine compartment of a used car. Furthermore, when you use a flame cutter to remove parts, you often damage one component for the sake of removing another component that’s connected to the one that you cut.

2. Lifting Jacks

Professionally operated junkyards typically have vehicles lifted well above ground level to provide access to a vehicle’s wheel wells and undercarriage. Some junkyards prohibit lifting jacks because it’s easy to damage a car, depending on how you place the jack. Moreover, because cars are already lifted to facilitate parts removal, a jack is nothing more than extra weight.

3. Power Tools

Most junkyards let you use battery-powered tools, but electricity-powered tools are often off limits. There are two reasons why: Stringing extension cords through the salvage lot could cause injuries, and the electricity bill of the junkyard would soar if thousands of people used the facility’s electricity for power tools during parts removal.

4. Saws for Metal

Saws for metal are similar to power torches in that you often damage one component for the sake of removing another component that’s connected to the one that you cut. This means that the damaged part probably can’t be sold, except possibly as scrap. So, unless you’d like to purchase one auto part for the price of two, refrain from using a saw to remove components.

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