How to Sell Your Junk Cars in Lubbock, Texas: A Guide for Beginners

Junk cars are typically considered worthless; and in a sense, they are. Almost no one would buy them to restore them to working condition. However, salvage lots often purchase junk vehicles to sell their usable parts, and sell the scrap metal after the parts are gone. If you have junk cars sitting on your property in Lubbock, Texas, you could probably sell them to a salvage lot for a least hundreds of dollars. If you are interested in the opportunity, but you have never sold a junk car, below is a helpful guide for how to sell your junk cars in Lubbock, Texas.

Have Proof of Ownership

In order for the sale to be legal, you must prove that you own the vehicles. Ownership of a vehicle can be established using several documents, including: title of ownership, mechanic’s lien, auction sales receipt, storage lot lien, or repossession affidavit. Regardless of which documents you use,  you will exchange them for payment when the junkyard purchases the vehicles.

Do Some Price Shopping

When you call them on the phone, salvage lots will often give you a general estimate of how much they will pay for your vehicles. Although the final offer will be based on a firsthand inspection of the vehicle, the general estimates you receive are useful for assessing which salvage lot will pay the most money when you sell your junk cars in Lubbock, Texas.

Inquire About Free Towing

Because junk vehicles are frequently undrivable, salvage lots often pick them up from the location of the owner. However, not all junkyards offer free towing services. Because hook up fees and transportation fees  for towing can cost hundreds of dollars, it is important to choose a salvage lot that offers free towing. Wrench-A-Part offers completely free towing services.

Receive Payment on the Spot

When you sign over the ownership documents for your vehicles, you should be paid on the spot. Surrendering ownership of the vehicles under the agreement to be paid later puts you in a risky situation. A salvage lot has taken official possession of the vehicles, and you are depending on its integrity to make good on the payment arrangement. Wrench-A-Part pays you on the spot.

Call Wrench-A-Part Today

If you need to sell your junk cars in Lubbock, Texas, Wrench-A-Part is the junkyard to call. We consistently offer higher prices for junk vehicles than the competition, provide free towing services, and pay you in full before we tow your vehicles away. For more information about our services, call our Lubbock location today at (806) 745-2274, or click here to use our contact form.

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