Best Ways to Sell Your Car to a Salvage Yard & Best Car Selling Tips

You can no longer use your car after it served you all these years and is now worn out with high mileage. You now want to sell your car and need some tips to do so, right? Well, these tips should help you get the most from your vehicle.

  • Check the local Yellow Pages for nearby junkyards or salvage yards where you can quickly and cheaply deliver your car. Contact each junkyard and give them particulars about your car like its make and model. Answer all questions the junkyard personnel asks you accurately and truthfully to get the best offer for your vehicle.
  • Some junkyards may make offers on the phone if they are interested in your car. Avoid working with junkyards that insist you bring in the car for an estimate as most of them charge extra for bringing it in.
  • Compare the quotes you receive from different junkyards, including the costs for delivering your vehicle to the junkyard. Of course, there’s nothing extra if you can drive your car. But renting a truck to tow it is an additional cost.
  • Once you pick the right junkyard based on your research, drive or pull your car there after removing all your personal belongings and accessories. The junkyard personnel will inspect your vehicle.
  • If you had accurately described your automobile, they should offer the same estimate made over the phone. If you had missed something on the phone, you can now mention it and negotiate to get a reasonable price.

How to get more cash

You can get more cash if you independently sell it’s valuable parts and bargain for a better price for the remaining parts with the scrap yard. However, this is advised only if you understand car parts!

You should have your vehicle title or some document that shows legal ownership to scrap your car, and to prevent illegal sales.

Do call your auto insurer once your car’s scrapped, and you receive your CoD (Certificate of Destruction – proving you have recycled the vehicle and that you are no longer responsible for it). Canceling your policy earns you a refund on any remaining coverage, and a full rebate on remaining months’ tax.

These tips to sell a car, should help you get a much better rate selling the car for cash than anticipated! For more information or help, contact us at 254-831-4905 ext. 1 or simply check out more of our blog posts or visit one of our locations. See all blog posts and locations at our website: 

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