End of Life Vehicle Solutions Creates Battery Recovery Hotline

End of Life Vehicle Solutions (ELVS) — an industry-leading proponent of cutting edge auto recycling solutions and programs — recently announced the creation a free hotline that helps automotive dismantlers recycle high-voltage batteries, such as the kind you find in hybrid vehicles and electric automobiles. The hotline was established with three goals in mind.

1. Direct Dismantlers to Important Resources

When auto dismantlers call the hotline, they can be directed to information and training resources that support the “safe and compliant HV battery removal, handling, packaging, and shipping” of high-voltage batteries. This information assists dismantlers with disposing of the batteries in an eco friendly manner that doesn’t violate EPA regulations or state laws.

2. Assist Dismantlers With Compliant Battery Recovery and Removal

Calling the hotline can also supply auto dismantlers with in-depth information concerning “compliant HV battery recovery and disposal.” Having access to this information can assist dismantlers with developing eco friendly, efficient programs for battery recovery and removal. A single phone call is all it takes for auto dismantlers to acquire the information they need.

3. Connect Dismantlers With Battery Scrap Experts

Auto dismantlers typically don’t surrender recyclable batteries for free, nor should they. High-voltage batteries contain special materials that are valuable and recyclable. The NEVS hotline can put dismantlers in touch with battery scrap experts, who determine how much batteries should sell for based on the number of units and the technology they contain.

Wrench-A-Part and Battery Recovery

ELVS’ new battery recovery hotline is designed to assist auto dismantlers with the eco friendly recovery and disposal of high-voltage automotive batteries, as well as how much the batteries are worth to battery recyclers. So, what should you do if you are an individual who has an old junk car whose high-voltage battery, among other components, needs to be recycled?

One solution is to sell the vehicle to Wrench-A-Part for a competitive price, and let us delegate the battery recovery and removal process to auto recycling outfits that specialize in these tasks. We are dedicated to supporting the environment by participating in auto recycling. To learn how much your car is worth to us, call our nearest location today, or simply fill out this contact form.



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