4 Ways to Find Used Auto Parts Near You

Anyone who’s taken a car to the repair shop and learned the price for new parts can appreciate why people prefer to buy reliable auto parts from a junkyard. The parts typically cost at least 50% less than new parts — a cost saving that can amount to hundreds of dollars or more.

But before you can benefit from the low prices, you have to locate the used parts you need. Including the following strategies in your search will help you find what you’re looking for.

1. Look Through Used Car Magazines

In addition to running ads for pre-owned automobiles, some used car magazines advertise used auto parts. The parts you find are often large and have a significant price despite their used state, such as turbo drives with exhaust manifolds, transmissions, and whole engines. If you’re looking for smaller parts, you may have more luck checking online junkyard inventories or inquiring at a mechanic shop.

2. Check Online Junkyard Inventories

Are there used car parts near me, the parts I need? When you check the online vehicle inventories for junkyards in your general area, you usually find that the answer is yes, especially if you’re combing through the inventories of junkyards that routinely acquire additional cars. Check to see if the car you need parts from is in stock, then go remove the parts.

3. Check Newspaper Auto Classifieds

People use the classified section of newspapers to sell just about everything, including used auto parts. The key is to check the papers regularly, as what you find each time can vary quite a bit. Shopping the classifieds isn’t the best option if you need something right away, but it can put you in touch with parts you might want to buy and save for future maintenance and repairs.

4. Contact a Local Mechanic Shop

Some mechanic shops are also a good source for used parts. Often, shops that carry used components buy them from auto recyclers, apply a price markup, and then sell the components. You usually pay a lower price at junkyards, and junkyards have more parts to choose from. Ideally, a mechanic shop should be a secondary source for used parts after a junkyard.

Reach Out to Wrench-A-Part Today

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