3 Reasons to Sell Junk Cars in Belton Now

As a professionally operated junkyard with a location in Belton, Texas, we’re naturally interested in receiving as many offers to buy junk cars as possible. So, while we may seem a bit biased in saying that right now is a good time to sell junk cars in Belton, there are actually some practical reasons why the claim makes sense.

If you sell junk cars in Belton presently instead of waiting for another year to roll around, you could end up getting more money for your car. Below are three reasons why.

1. Weather Ages Tires

Tire rubber is a remarkably resilient material, but it does age, and not just due to driving down the road. Over time, weather causes tire rubber to develop infinitesimal cracks that gradually widen and compromise the cohesiveness of the rubber. Used tires that still have good tread are purchased from junkyards. Don’t let your late model tires waste away in the driveway.

2. Sunlight Ages Paint

Lots of drivers go to junkyards that sell junk cars in Belton to buy components that are found under the hood or in the undercarriage. But there’s also a fair amount of customers who look for parts from the body of the vehicle, mainly to replace doors, trunks, hoods, etc. that were damaged in wrecks.

Naturally, consumers want these parts to look as new as possible — and the less time the parts spend baking in the sun, the newer the paint appears. It’s a general rule that, the better condition the parts of your junk car are in — paint job on parts included — the more money you stand to receive for the vehicle.  

3. Late Models are Fleeting

Vehicles are similar to software programs; they’re released at a prolific frequency — and the older your vehicle gets, the less value it has to consumers who comb junkyards looking for parts for the latest autos. Junkyards accept vehicles of many makes and models. So, there’s not a  strict timeframe for selling your junker. However, late model parts are always in high demand. In this respect, the faster you sell, the more you stand to gain.

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If you’re interested in selling junk cars in Belton, Wrench-A-Part is interested in hearing from you. We operate four locations in Texas, and we always need new cars. Because so many customers come to our premises to remove parts from late model automobiles, we’re especially interested in making offers for late model vehicles from the past few years. To receive a free price quote now, call us today at 254-831-4905, ext. 1. We look forward to hearing from you!

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