Sell Your Car For Cash In Austin

If you’ve recently experienced a car accident or other incident that’s left you with a junk car, you’ll need to get your junk car off your property. Alternatively, if you’ve recently purchased a new car, you’ll need to make room in your garage or driveway. If you have a used or junk car you’d like to sell for cash, Wrench-A-Part will help you make sure selling your junk car in Austin is an easy, lucrative process.

Austin Junk Car Buyers

If you’ve been searching for used and junk car buyers in Austin, you’ve likely realized that some car buyers tend to make the process a hassle. Often, you’ll find yourself haggling with nameless, faceless buyers who won’t offer you what your junk car is truly worth. In addition, if your car is currently inoperable, you could find yourself paying towing fees to transport your car to your buyer’s location.

At Wrench-A-Part, we are serious car buyers that purchase thousands of vehicles in all conditions. Our proven process allows you to receive an instant quote for your junk car and complete the agreement quickly and painlessly from the comfort of your home. Better yet, we’ll offer you top dollar for your junk car, and we’ll even provide a free towing service to remove your car after cash payment is made.

Our Process

If you’re planning to sell your car in Austin, all you’ll need to do is follow the steps listed below:

1. Have your car title in-hand. We cannot purchase a junk car in Austin without a title, so it’s important to locate your title before requesting your quote. If you need further information about how to get your title, you may call our Austin office for more details.

2. Fill out our quote form. Simply enter your car’s make and model, as well as your best contact information. Within minutes, a representative will reach out via your preferred method of contact and list our best quote. Then, when you’re ready to sell, call our Austin office.

3. Provide accurate information. If we need further information, such as body damage or missing parts, we’ll ask. Do your best to provide accurate information regarding the vehicle’s condition or specifications to ensure your quote is accurate.

4. We’ll pick up. We’ll schedule a convenient pick-up of your junk car. Ensure license plates and other personal effects are removed from the vehicle, and we’ll arrive on-site with our free towing service. That’s it – we remove your car, you keep your cash.

If you’d like to sell your junk car in Austin, call the experts at Wrench-A-Part. Our hassle-free, convenient service will get your junk car out of your driveway, leaving you with the best available cash payment. Call our Austin office today at (512)501-6946, or fill out a quote request form.

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