Warranty Information on Pick and Pull Parts

Warranty Information on Pick and Pull Parts

At Wrench-A-Part, we provide our customers with a specialized warranty information and offerings that allows the customer to choose how they wish to customize their warranty. We give our customers the choice as to how much, if any warranty they would like to place on their recently acquired used auto part(s).

The charge for our warranty on our pick and pull parts is $1 per part, per day.

Please keep the following in mind regarding our used auto part warranty policy:

1. The customer must have purchased the warranty with the used auto part at the time of purchase.

2. The used auto part from our parts-vehicles yard must be marked by our cashier showing it was purchased with the warranty included.

3. The customer must have the original receipt. No exceptions.

4. The pick and pull part must be returned within the warranty period. No exceptions.

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