Used Car Parts

Whether you’re needing to replace an entire engine or just a single tire, buying used car parts has many benefits vs buying new. The huge reasons are that they cost less and they are surprisingly durable. There are countless other benefits but here is a list of a few of them.

Junk Yards Have Better Value

For those willing to pull their own parts, inside a junkyard their are thousands of parts available. If your particular car is available odds are you are in for a load of savings. Manufactures price parts based on supply and demand. Of course it’s more expensive because it’s new but there are many factors diving the price of the part up. Similar to purchasing a car where the value drops as soon as you drive it off the lot, same goes for car parts. Buying used car parts has a better value where you’re not paying for it to depreciate.

High Availability 

At Wrench-A-Part we receive fresh vehicle inventory everyday by the dozens. We also have thousands of vehicles in inventory. If the used car part you need isn’t in one of our five junk yards then there’s is a high probability that we will be getting what you need in shortly. Not only that, on our website their is the option to search inventory. If the vehicle you need is not in inventory, then there is the option to sign up to be notified by text or email when your vehicle does arrive!

Saving the Earth By Recycling

Buying used car parts is recycling which benefits the environment. This helps reduce industry’s production of new auto parts which in turn aides the Earths atmosphere. The sale of used car parts  is believed to save 85 million barrels of oil every year.

Meets OEM Standards

Original car parts, whether it’s used batteries, tires, sheetmetal, engines, transmissions or others each meet OEM specs derived from another person’s vehicle. Each of these parts were checked and passed industry standards so it will also be the same for when you use a part from the car.


Sell Your Junk Car

In market to sell your junk car? Here’s a few things you need to know in order to ensure you get the most cash for your junk car and everything goes smoothly.

The first step is to look at reviews. Do they treat their customers properly? Do they follow through with their promises? These key indicators will help prevent you from making the same mistakes others already have made.

More than likely your junk car is unable to run so an important feature to look for when your ready to sell your junk car is to see if the buyer offers free towing services. There is a strong value to knowing they will pick it up for you for free. One is that they are serious buyers and are willing to assist you in transportation. Two is that it is an extra savings in your pocket that would otherwise come out of your quote.

Besides reviewing past customer experiences and making sure they’ll tow your car the next step is to get a quote. Most companies give quotes on the phone and others also offer online quotes. A title is required. If a company does not require a title, it should cause some red flags.

After getting your quote, if you are happy with the price, all that’s left is to set the date and time for pick-up. At the time the vehicle is towed you will also receive your cash!

For top pay to sell your junk car, start here! Sell Your Junk Car.

We Buy Junk Cars

Need cash? We buy junk cars!

For those who have held on to their old car or truck and are ready to get rid of it, Wrench-A-Part will buy your junk car for cash and pick it up for free! We buy junk cars at all five of our Wrench-A-Part locations.

Your junk vehicle will add to our resourceful used auto parts yard and become valuable parts to someone who needs them. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure! Whether your car is running or not, we’ll buy it! Often times these are vehicles that have major mechanical issues or are at the end of their life and are better used for recycling. Rather than let it go to waist, customers are able to use the working parts to repair other vehicles.

To get a quote simply call the number closest to  your location or fill out a form online.

Austin Location 877-886-5739

Belton Location 254-831-4905 ext. 1

Lubbock Location 806-748-5865

Holland Location 254-831-4905 ext. 1

San Antonio Location 210-951-5000

One of our team members will contact you to ask a few questions regarding your vehicle. A title is required. We will give you a quote during this call and if you agree we will arrange to have the car or truck picked up for free. Sellers will receive the cash for their junk car at pick up.

Selling Your Junk Car

What is a Junk Car?

A junk car is a vehicle that is either old or damaged enough to where it is more cost effective to sell the car for parts rather than pay to fix it. Here are the main reasons a car would be classified as a junk car.

Damage: Significant parts are severely, such as the engine or transmission. The vehicle’s repairs will cost more than the car is worth.

Unable to be Repaired: As a result the vehicle can no longer operate.

Things to Look for Before Selling

When you are looking for a place to sell your junk car it is a good idea to make sure they cover or offer certain services.

Odds are if the car is going to a salvage yard it is unable to run or drive properly. Make sure before selling your junk car for cash that the purchaser offers free pick up and towing. This will save you time and a significant amount of money.

Another thing to look for is to make sure the buyer is recycle-friendly. If they are disposing of the vehicle in a way that is environmentally unfriendly, they are more than likely not going to treat you the right way either. Often times places like this will cheat sellers out of their money.

Getting a Quote

You will need to know some basic information about your  junk car in order to get an accurate quote. This can be done by filling out an online form or calling the location closest to you.

Here is the information you’ll need to know.

  1. Vehicles year, make and model
  2. Condition
  3. Do you have a title
  4. Mileage
  5. What type of damage does it have
  6. Does it start

Once you are satisfied with the dollar amount offered, vehicle arrangements will be made for your junk car to be picked up and a cash payment will be given to you upon pick up time.

How to Find Cheap Car Parts

Whether you’re a do-it-yourselfer or a professional mechanic, salvage yards can provide the parts you need far cheaper than a dealership or an auto parts store. If you’re on a budget or hate paying for overpriced parts, there are great options to find quality, cheap car parts.

Two Types of Salvage Yards

Salvage yards come in two different types of styles- Self Serve or Full Service. Self Serve Salvage Yards are where customers bring their own tools, find the selection of car that have the parts they need, and pull the parts themselves. This is a great opportunity for customers to find the exact part they’re looking for (color, quality, model) and save a lot of money. Self Serve Salvage Yards are by far the cheapest way to get the car parts you need. Every car and truck in inventory is posted online so customers are able to make sure the vehicle make and model is in stock. Search inventory here.

The other type of salvage yard is Full Serve Salvage Yard. This is where the customer requests a certain part(s) on the phone or online and the company pulls all the requested items for you, cleans them up, ensures they are undamaged and working, and will be ready for pick up or shipped directly to the customer. This is an excellent alternative for customers you don’t have the time to pick their own parts and like the added convenience. If Full Service is the route you’d like to go browse inventory here Snyder’s Salvage.

Self Service Salvage Yards

Wrench-A-Part prides themselves on offering a large selection of inventory in a variety of makes, models and years. This way customers looking for parts are able to find what they need quick and easy.

Upon arrival a clerk will provide you with a yard map showing you where the vehicle type you are looking for are located. Signs and maps are around the yard for easy navigation. The clerk will also provide you with a list of vehicles in stock and their exact location.

Once you’ve found the parts you want, it’s time to pull! Be sure to inspect the part and make sure it is undamaged and in good condition. When you have pulled all the parts you need, take them back to the cashier. You’ll be shocked how much you’ve saved vs buying from a dealer or auto parts store.

Used Truck Parts at Salvage Yards

As a truck owner, you definitely know how difficult it is to keep it well maintained and in running condition all the time. Not only does the truck need regular servicing, sometimes some of its parts may need replacing due to wear and tear or some minor accident. To make things worse, the price of these parts usually turns out to be rather expensive.

This is where you might consider buying used car parts at salvage yards. Not only are these parts cheaper, they are also in pretty good working condition. Most of the time, these used auto parts are half the price of their new counterparts. So you end up saving a considerable amount of money buying all the required parts for a complicated repair job.

Environmentally friendly

It’s also environmentally better if you buy and use used auto parts to repair your truck. When you buy a used car part from a salvage yard, you end up using this part that was someone else’s waste. This leads to a reduction waste pile up.

Buying used truck parts at salvage yards also helps local businesses and the community you live in. This is because you will be giving the junkyard some business buying your part from them. You otherwise have to place an order for the part with the manufacturer, and give some other company business in another city or state.

Take your own tools

You are sure that the used auto parts will fit perfectly into your truck because most of the time, new parts are slightly different from the parts found in your truck. This is mainly because the new parts are altered slightly to accommodate parts of the newest or latest truck models. By buying used truck parts, you are sure that it comes from the same make, year and model of your truck, which in turn means that it will perfectly fit into the truck.

It’s so easy to find these used auto parts. You just have to head to the salvage yard, look around for the truck and part you want, and you can remove the part yourself. The best way to remove parts at the junk yard is by taking your own tools with you because you are most comfortable using them, and you can always ask for help if needed!

If you need used auto parts for your used truck, just head to Wrench A Part. This is a salvage yard that has quite an extensive inventory of used car and truck parts for you to choose from.

Top Prices Paid By Salvage Yards

It’s not easy getting rid of your car after spending so much time and money on it, not to mention the memories. However, it’s something you may have to eventually do, which may not be so difficult if you at least get a good rate for it.

Your junk car’s worth depends mainly on who you approach to sell it to. If your car is rather old, a unique or vintage car, a lemon or it doesn’t look great but is in great working condition, the junkyard may be the best place to sell your car.

Better rates for vintage, luxury, and common cars

Salvage yards do quote good rates for old used cars because there is so much demand for junk yard used car parts. The rates increase if your car is a common model or brand that most people use, which means there’s a higher chance of people looking for used car parts from that model. Junkyards also pay better for vintage and luxury cars as they serve a niche in the used car sector.

As it’s possible to determine the market value of your salvage car, it’s better to do so before heading to the junkyard. Generally, the rate depends on the current market rates for the same car in the same used condition.

The factors that affect the rough price of your salvage car are the repair costs needed to get the car into running condition again and the present market price for scrap metals. As salvage yards can quote higher used car part prices for rarer cars, depending on the make, model and year, you can expect better rates if you too have a rare car.

Make comparisons before buying

Like anything else, it is always better to do some market research first and make some comparisons before you sell your car to the junkyard. You will have to visit at least three different local dealers or services so that you get at least three offers to compare, consider and select from. When doing your research, you will learn what car dealerships pay in the area and thus are in a better position to negotiate a better price.

Wrench-A-Part is one of those junkyards that are always ready to pay top prices for your junk cars. This is because they constantly have people visiting their salvage yard looking for junk yard used car parts. Visit their site to learn more about their used car part prices.

Best Junk Cars Salvage Yards Buy

When you hear the word junkyard, like most people, you too may associate it with a place to get rid of non-working and very old cars. However, this is not true because most of the cars that reach salvage yards work or need some minor repairs to start working again.

This is why most salvage yards offer quite good junk car prices for the cars that come to them. In fact, they are constantly on the lookout for some cars listed below to pay cash for junk car.

  • Vintage cars

All cars break down in the end, making vintage models rather common at a junkyard. Examples are Ford Model As, which salvage yards buy either because it’s worth restoring or because there are parts that can be restored.

  • Police vehicles

There are so many police vehicles in junkyards that are generally in good condition. While most of the law enforcement vehicles end up auctioned off, some of them also reach junkyards. So don’t be surprised to find lots of Crown Vics and other similar police cars that have fairly low mileage.

  • Luxury cars

Yes, there are many luxury cars, like Cadillacs, you can find at a junkyard. In fact, there are some really rich and famous people who don’t even ask for any cash for junk car. They just eventually donate their vehicles to the junkyard.

  • Popular cars

You can obviously find the more common or popular cars that most people drive to work or with the family like Toyota and Honda. These owners sell their cars because they have used it for more than 200,000 miles and want to buy a new car.

They get good junk car prices for their cars because they usually have lots of usable parts that can be sold to the many people looking for similar car parts to replace and repair their cars with.

Wrench-A-Part is always ready with reasonable junk car prices for the right cars because they have so many people visiting their premises, looking for the right car parts to use for refurbishing their respective vehicles. So if you too have an old used car to sell, you can get some cash for your junk car here.

What Should You Bring to a Salvage Yard

One thing you need to remember if you want to look for used car parts at the junkyard is that you need to bring your own tools. Don’t think or assume that the salvage yard will rent out tools for you to use by the hour or something! So if it’s the first time you are looking for used car parts, here is some help with the necessary preparation at junk yards.

Salvage yards do remove some parts and place them on display. However, they are generally dangerous parts like batteries, environmentally hazardous parts like mercury switches and fluids, and even legally incompliant parts like some metals and catalytic converters. They, however, do not pull out any other car parts for customers.

Wheelbarrows and hoists are provided

You need to carry the right tools with you to remove the required auto parts. So take along common tools like spanners, screwdrivers and even wires to hold certain parts intact while removing other connected parts.

There’s no need of bringing a jack because all the cars are displayed on stands in most salvage yards. This is, in fact, the best way to remove parts at junk yards. Most yards also provide A-frames and hoists, which makes it so much easier to remove an engine or transmission. They also provide either a wheelbarrow to haul the engine to the entrance or a lift to lift it.

What you shouldn’t take along with you

Salvage yards usually don’t permit torches, jacks or grinders in the yard because open flames are dangerous and can cause damage or injury. However, you can bring along small generators, jumper boxes and battery powered tools if you need them to quickly get the job of removing auto parts done. You are also not permitted to bring along any lead acid batteries like motorcycle or car batteries or filled gas cans.

If you are unsure about what tools can and cannot be brought to the salvage yard, turn to your local mechanic for help. Don’t worry; most yards will give a helping hand at removing engines, transmissions or anything large.

Wrench-A-Part will help you learn the best way to remove parts at junk yard and tell you all about the necessary preparation at junk yards. As they are always on the lookout for good, usable old car parts, you will most likely find your required used car parts here.

Here Are The Junk Vehicles That Command Higher Prices

No one usually assesses a junk vehicle’s price before making a purchase, but it might be a good idea. As you might imagine, luxury cars such as Lexus and Cadillac often have a higher sales price even at the salvage yard, however, there are a few others that have decent salvage prices as well. Here are a few things to think about should you decide to junk your vehicle.


Some vehicles have a higher price at the junk yard simply because they are an oddity. This is true of limited run vehicles like the Pontiac Aztec. Overall, there were simply not that many of these vehicles made, which means there are fewer to choose from when it comes to used parts (of course, some would say they are not worth fixing but it doesn’t change the fact that some used parts are quite expensive).


In most cases, junk vehicles are assessed a value based on nothing more than their weight, and not the resale value of the parts. This is when it is beneficial to have one of the older model vehicles that contain a lot more metal than newer vehicles. You will find this to be true of cars built up to the mid 1980s.

Maximize Your Payday

If you have a combination car that is both older and full of rare expensive parts, you have an opportunity to really maximize your payday. First, strip off the good parts, thinks like GPS, air conditioning compressors, head light assemblies, certain stereos and much more. It will take a little research to determine which parts you should keep and what fair market value should be, but in the end, it will be well worth your time. Why give away a $200 used part when you salvage the entire vehicle for $300?

Final Thoughts

How much cash you can get for your particular vehicle will depend on several things, not the least of is the area in which you live. Certain states do not require title to prove ownership and some urban areas will have multiple salvage services to choose from. More choices means more competition for your junk car. Junk vehicles prices will vary according to geographic area and the fluctuations in metal prices, so keep this in mind as well.