Here Are The Junk Vehicles That Command Higher Prices

No one usually assesses a junk vehicle’s price before making a purchase, but it might be a good idea. As you might imagine, luxury cars such as Lexus and Cadillac often have a higher sales price even at the salvage yard, however, there are a few others that have decent salvage prices as well. Here are a few things to think about should you decide to junk your vehicle.


Some vehicles have a higher price at the junk yard simply because they are an oddity. This is true of limited run vehicles like the Pontiac Aztec. Overall, there were simply not that many of these vehicles made, which means there are fewer to choose from when it comes to used parts (of course, some would say they are not worth fixing but it doesn’t change the fact that some used parts are quite expensive).


In most cases, junk vehicles are assessed a value based on nothing more than their weight, and not the resale value of the parts. This is when it is beneficial to have one of the older model vehicles that contain a lot more metal than newer vehicles. You will find this to be true of cars built up to the mid 1980s.

Maximize Your Payday

If you have a combination car that is both older and full of rare expensive parts, you have an opportunity to really maximize your payday. First, strip off the good parts, thinks like GPS, air conditioning compressors, head light assemblies, certain stereos and much more. It will take a little research to determine which parts you should keep and what fair market value should be, but in the end, it will be well worth your time. Why give away a $200 used part when you salvage the entire vehicle for $300?

Final Thoughts

How much cash you can get for your particular vehicle will depend on several things, not the least of is the area in which you live. Certain states do not require title to prove ownership and some urban areas will have multiple salvage services to choose from. More choices means more competition for your junk car. Junk vehicles prices will vary according to geographic area and the fluctuations in metal prices, so keep this in mind as well.

Junk Yard Parts Can Be Removed Easily with the Proper Tools

Take Off Used Auto Parts Successfully with the Right Tools

There’s a good reason auto scrap yards are so popular. They have a reputation for being the place to locate used parts at a low price for almost any type of vehicle. Perhaps you are the person with the utility gloves and shop coveralls behind the back seat of the truck in case they need put on to keep your daily clothing clean during a trip to the junkyard. If you seldom or have yet to visit, following are some tips about how to remove junk parts.

1. Know how to identify the part you want

The number of parts in an automobile engine range from hundreds to thousands! Hoses and other parts can interfere with the item you’re after. Take your vehicle owner’s guide with you and use the schematic inside to find where the part is located and its technical name. That will help the person at the desk check to see if there is any matching inventory in their yard.

2. Be safety-conscious

Tripping hazards are just one thing to watch for in a junkyard. No matter how hard the business tries to keep things in order, customers may remove an unwanted piece of equipment and leave it in the way. Wear gloves to avoid cuts from sharp metal. One of the best ways to remove parts at a junk yard is to use the right tools and avoid using unsafe tools. Even though a flame cutter is a quick way to get a part off, it damages other parts and makes them unusable. In addition, the combination of flame and flammable residue create a dangerous fire hazard. Use the proper wrench, screwdriver or other piece of equipment to make parts removable safe without causing damage to the surrounding area, property, and customers.

3. Avoid using extreme force

Even an exact match for the part you’re replacing can be damaged when extreme force is applied. Use a rubber mallet to tap parts loose. Carry an adjustable wrench in addition to a metric and standard set of wrenches and screwdrivers. The right tools make it easier to remove what you want. Using force warps or cracks plastic and metal parts, causing an improper fit or undesirable part. You may end up paying for the damage while searching for another replacement.

Find some of the best prices for junkyard parts in Killeen, one of four Texas sites operated by Wrench-A-Part. The professionally operated business also purchases end-of-life vehicles. Check their contact page for the nearest location.

Do I need My Title To Sell My Car For Cash

Do I Need My Title to Sell My Car for Cash?

If you want to sell car for cash that you no longer use, need, or want, you may or may not require a title. It all depends on the dealer in which you choose to work and their requirement process. You should know and understand, though, that it is very rare to find a buyer that will purchase your car if you do not have a title. In order to effectively answer the question of whether or not you need a title to sell car for cash, we are going to go with the fact that, yes, you do require this document. By having a title, you will avoid many complications and are considered no-risk to those that will pay for your car.

In order to understand why a car title to sell car for cash is necessary, you must develop an understanding of what a title is. In the most basic of explanations, a title to a vehicle is a legal document that establishes that you are – in fact- the owner of a specified vehicle. Upon purchasing a vehicle, the Department of Motor Vehicles that governs your state will issue you a title. Upon the sell of said car, the title is then transferred to the new buyer. Generally speaking, there are 3 distinct types of titles associated with vehicles:

1. Clean TitleThis type of title is associated with a vehicle that has never experienced any type of major or severe damage.

2. Salvage TitleThis type of title is associated with a vehicle that has been majorly damaged and is not considered worthy of the costs associated with repairs.

3. Rebuilt or Reconstructed TitleThis type of title is associated with a vehicle that was once considered to be undriveable and/or severely damaged, but has successfully undergone the repairs necessary to make it drivable.

When attempting to sell car for cash, you should ensure that you have the title so that the salvage yard knows you are the rightful owner of the vehicle and that you have the full right to sell said vehicle. Not only does this protect you, but, it also protects the salvage yard. There are many instances when a salvage yard will accept other documents in lieu of the official title. These include an “Auction Sales Receipt”, a lien from a mechanic, a lien from a storage lot, and even an affidavit regarding repossession. For more information, contact us today:

Self Service Used Auto Parts: 4 Traits of Customer-Friendly Junkyards

Some consumers perceive junkyards to be businesses that offer a low level of customer service. After all, most junkyards that sell self service used auto parts expect customers to “pick and pull” the auto parts they need.

While it’s true that junkyard customers are left to their own devices, as they pick and pull parts, certain junkyards do offer a high level of customer service. Here are four things that some professional junkyards do to improve the customer service experience.

1. Post Junkyard Safety Rules

Junkyard safety rules aren’t intended to make the pick and pull process prohibitive. Rather, they are there to keep customers safe, as they select self service used auto parts. Examples of safety rules include: no flame cutting equipment, no alcoholic beverages on the premises, no smoking on the premises, and no open-toe shoes.

2. Offer Engine Pulling A Frames

Unless you’re Hercules, there’s virtually no way to hoist a motor out of the engine compartment without some help. The assistance you need comes in the form of an engine pulling A frame, which easily lifts an engine out of its compartment. After you remove it, you’ll need assistance transporting the engine to the payment counter.

3. Offer Help Transporting Parts

In addition to being difficult to remove without help, large auto parts can also be tough to transport to the payment destination. A customer-friendly junkyard solves this problem by providing wagons and/or wheelbarrows for moving parts to the payment destination. You can’t take the equipment home with you, but it will help you move large parts while you’re onsite.

4. Have a Warranty for Used Parts

Used products typically don’t come with a warranty, unless they are still covered by the manufacturer’s original warranty. However, some junkyards offer an optional warranty that allows customers to apply a warranty to each parts they purchase (e.g., $1 per part, per day).


Some Killeen, Texas, car buyers that operate as junkyards don’t offer great customer service, but there are also junkyards that do. A Killeen, Texas, car buyer that emphasizes customer service frequently has four traits: junkyard safety rules, provision of engine pulling A frames, wagons and/or wheelbarrows for transporting parts, and an optional warranty for used parts.

Wrench-A-Part has all of these customer-friendly traits, and more. If you live in the Killeen area, and you need inexpensive replacement auto parts, visit our nearest location today. We’re proudly provide excellent service that keeps customer coming back for more.

Self-Service Used Auto Parts: Three Myths About “Pick and Pull”

The phrase “pick and pull” is a common in the junkyard business. At junkyards that sell used auto parts from end-of-life vehicles, customers “pick” the parts they want, and then “pull” the parts from the vehicle using their own tools.

Pick and pull is a simple scenario that helps drivers acquire replacement parts for bargain prices, but this hasn’t stopped misinformation about the process from spreading through the consumer landscape. If you are considering buying self service used auto parts from a Lubbock, Texas, car buyer that operates as a junkyard, don’t let the three myths below get in the way of picking and pulling the auto parts you need.

1. You Can Use Whichever Tools You Wish

This statement is largely true, but there are certain tools that many junkyards prohibit,  particularly flame cutting equipment. Junkyards don’t allow the use of flame cutters for the same reason that they typically prohibit smoking on the premises: A errant spark could cause flammable residues in the engine compartment to ignite, and destroy the very car that you need to pull parts from.

2. The Junkyard Won’t Help You Remove Parts

At some junkyards, this is statement true; you receive no help at all from the business, regardless of how difficult it is to pull a particular part you have picked. However, there are many junkyards that do offer assistance by providing an A frame for hoisting an engine out of the engine compartment. Some junkyards also offer wagons and/or wheelbarrows for transporting large parts or assortments of smaller parts to the payment destination.

3. Parts You Purchase Don’t Have a Warranty

While it’s true that many junkyards don’t have a warranty program for self service used auto parts, finding a junkyard that offers a warranty is not exactly a rarity. Junkyards that offer a warranty often provide coverage for small increments of time to make the warranty option financially flexible. For example, Wrench-A-Part is a Lubbock, Texas, car buyer that offers a used parts warranty of $1 per part, per day.

About Our Business

Wrench-A-Part is a professionally operated junkyard, with years of experience purchasing end-of-life vehicles of various makes and models, as well as used cars that still drive. To receive a free price quote for your junker, contact our Lubbock location today at 806-748-5865, or send us an email through our contact form. We look forward to learning about your vehicle!

Sell My Car for Cash: Should You Junk an Ultra-Premium Vehicle?

When we think of luxury vehicles, time-tested brands such as Mercedes, Jaguar, and Cadillac come to mind. While these vehicles are usually quite luxurious, their aesthetics and performance specs are often superseded by luxury vehicles that are considered ultra-premium, such as Ferrari, Aston Martin, and Rolls Royce.

If you own an ultra premium vehicle that’s a junker due to a wreck or persistent, costly to repair mechanical failures, should you sell the car to a junkyard? Here are some basic pros and cons to consider before selling the vehicle to a Killeen, Texas, car buyer that operates as a professional junkyard.

Pro: Economical Way to Remove the Car From Your Possession

If your premium junker is taking up valuable space or creating an eyesore on your property, selling the car to a Killeen, texas, car buyer that functions as a junkyard is an easy way to take the vehicle off of your hands. The junkyard’s tow truck comes to your location, and towing is usually free.

Con: The Vehicle’s Parts May Have Little Value to a Junkyard

“Can I sell my car for cash to a junkyard, even as the vehicle’s premium status makes it ultra rare?” The answer is yes. However, your ability to sell depends largely on the type of cars a junkyard specializes in carrying. If a junkyard primarily carries mid-range vehicles that are popular with consumers, you may not have much luck.

Pro: The Vehicle’s Parts May Have Great Value to a Junkyard

On the flipside, your ultra premium vehicle may have great value to a junkyard, particularly if the business seeks high-end vehicles that offer outstanding performance and luxurious appointments. This type of Killeen, Texas, car buyer may offer you a premium junk car price for your ultra premium junker.

Con: Poor Return for a Vehicle With a Six-Digit Price Tag

If you receive a price offer for your premium junker, the offer will be a small fraction of how much you paid for the vehicle. While a low price offer is better than no offer at all, you may be able to recoup more money if you sold the parts to a luxury car mechanic or to private individuals.

About Wrench-A-Part

Wrench-A-Part is a Killeen, Texas, car buyer that operates as a professional junkyard. We routinely purchase junkers and used vehicles in the Killeen area. Whether you own an economy vehicle, a luxury vehicle, or a vehicle that is considered ultra premium, we’d like learn about the vehicle to see if we need it in our inventory of various makes and models.

To receive a free price quote, contact our location that is nearest to yours. We look forward to learning about your automobile!

Sell My Car for Cash: Why Do Junkyards Pay Cash for Junkers

If you have an end-of-life vehicle that you’re considering selling to a Lubbock, Texas, car buyer that operates as a junkyard, you may have seen on the company’s website that you will be paid in cash for your vehicle, if the junkyard decides to buy it.

Why doesn’t the junkyard cut you a check instead? After all, many businesses prefer to pay with checks to make it easier for accounting to track expenditures, and provide official proof a purchase was made. But there are also advantages that cash payments offer, which helps explain why the answer to the question, “Can I sell my car for cash to a junkyard”, is yes.

Closes the Sale, Without Strings Attached

Cash — as opposed to documents that have cash value, such as checks and money orders — immediately satisfies a junkyard’s payment for a junk vehicle. There is no risk of a bounced check, or a money order that accidentally has the wrong information.

Ultimately, a Lubbock, Texas, car buyer that pays for junkers in cash gives prospective sellers more confidence to move forward with the transaction.

Controls Amount of Cash in Business Office

Many business-to-consumer (B2B) businesses prefer to keep a limited amount of cash in the business office. Doing so helps to deter thieves from burglarizing the building, and to avoids tempting employees with the prospect of pilfering some of the money.

Because junkyards are frequently paid in cash for salvage car parts, they often perform a high volume of cash transactions on any given day. It is the same cash you receive when a Lubbock, Texas, car buyer pays for your junk vehicle.

Interested in Selling Your Junk Vehicle for Cash?

If so, Wrench-A-Part would like to hear from you. We are a Lubbock, Texas, car buyer that pays for junkers in cash for the reasons above, among others. If you have an end-of-life vehicle, and you are considering selling it to a junkyard, one of the fastest ways to liquidate the automobile is offering it to Wrench-A-Part.

If we need your vehicle in our inventory, we will make you a competitive cash offer, and tow the car from your property for free, if you accept. To find out how much cash your automobile is worth to a junkyard, call our Lubbock, Texas, location today at 806-748-5865, or fill out our contact form. We look forward to learning about your vehicle!


Sell My Car for Cash: Are Rusty Junk Cars Worth Less?

Under the right conditions, practically any type of metal can undergo the oxidative process known as “rusting”. Although some vehicle brands are reputed to develop rust faster than others, the reality is that no brand is totally safe from rust.

In fact, if you have an old junk vehicle to sell, there’s a good chance the automobile features some degree of rusting. Does this make the vehicle less valuable to a Belton, Texas, car buyer that functions as a junkyard? Not necessarily. Below are three reasons why.

1. Rust is Typically Limited to Exterior Parts

Rust it usually confined to vehicle parts that are exposed to the elements, especially the body, wheel assembly, and undercarriage. When rust is limited to these areas, there are usually plenty of engine parts and parts in the cabin that are reliable and fit for resale. Just because a vehicle looks bad on the outside doesn’t mean its engine and cabin parts are in bad condition, too.

2. It’s Unusual for all Exterior Parts to Have Rust

Some vehicles are literally rolling piles of rust — a result of consistent weather exposure or repeated damage to the vehicle’s paint coat that exposes the metal underneath, which rusts quite readily. Over time, a single spot of rust can spread and engulf the entire vehicle body. However, when rust is limited to specific parts, the other parts are still fit to sell.

3. For Utilitarian Vehicles, Rust May not be an Issue

Some of a Belton, Texas, car buyer’s customers search for replacement parts for vehicles  used for utilitarian purposes, such as pickup trucks used for hauling. Because the body of such vehicles often takes a beating to begin with, replacing an old body part with a rusted part may not pose a problem. The vehicles are driven for functionality, not appearance.

Contact Us Today

“Can I sell my car for cash to a junkyard, even if has rusty parts?” Yes, but the amount of rust that is present, where the rust is located, and how the advanced the rust is, may impact how much a Belton, Texas, car buyer of end-of-life vehicles offers you for the automobile.

To find out whether the rust on your vehicle is an obstacle to selling the car, contact Wrench-A-Part’s Belton location today at 254-831-4905, ext. 1, or send us an email through our contact form. We look forward to seeing your car, and paying you in cash if we need it.

Sell My Car for Cash: Can “Wrecks” be Too Damaged to Sell?

A vehicle usually ends up in the junkyard of an Austin, Texas, car buyer for one of two reasons: The vehicle has a mechanical problem that would cost more to fix than the vehicle is worth, or the vehicle is wrecked and undrivable. If you wrecked a vehicle that you’d like to sell to an Austin, Texas, car buyer, does the automobile’s wrecked state make it unsalable?

Possibly, but maybe not. The value of a wrecked car to a junkyard ultimately depends on the state of the wreckage. Below are three characteristics of wrecked junk cars that make them impossible to sell, or at least much harder than usual.

1. The Vehicle was Engulfed in Fire

If the vehicle was engulfed in a fire that destroyed everything but the metal frame, the vehicle has no value to junkyard customers, as there are no reusable parts on the automobile. Therefore, the vehicle holds no value to a junkyard. On the bright side, a recycler may be interested in buying the charred frame, which can be reprocessed to make other products.

2. The Automobile Sank in Water

When an automobile is submerged in water, it may appear to have no parts damage after it’s pulled from the body of water. However, there’s a strong possibility that the vehicle’s electrical systems are compromised.

When electronic parts in a car are inoperable due to water damage, it reduces the number of parts a junkyard can sell from the vehicle. If water damage to a wrecked vehicle is pervasive enough, a junkyard may refuse to buy the car in favor of automobiles with less damage.

3. The Engine is Totally Destroyed

A head-on collision is the most common type of wreck that destroys engines. Because a car engine contains hundreds of parts that could possibly be resold, an Austin, Texas, car buyer that operates as a junkyard evaluates the state of the engine very carefully.

However, just because your car’s engine is gone doesn’t mean a junkyard won’t bite on your sale offer. If components on the body of the vehicle and inside the cabin are in fine condition, they may provide enough incentive for a junkyard to make an attractive price offer.

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“Can I sell my car for cash to a junkyard?” The answer is yes. However, if the vehicle was wrecked, and the wreck engulfed the vehicle in fire, submerged in water, or destroyed the engine, you may have more luck selling the vehicle to an auto recycler.

To find out if your wrecked junker is has value to a junkyard, contact Wrench-A-Part. We stock many types of vehicles in our junkyard — old and new, foreign and domestic. To see if we need your automobile in our inventory, call our Austin location today at 877-886-5739, or send us an email through our contact form. We look forward to learning about your vehicle!

Sell My Car for Cash in Killeen: Three Price Killers to Avoid

If you need to sell an end-of the life automobile, a professionally operated junkyard is your best option for a Killeen, Texas, car buyer. Unlike private, mom and pop junkyards, a professional junkyard Killeen, Texas, is usually highly motivated to succeed in the business, moving a high volume of inventory and offering competitive prices, plus incentives that motivate junk car sales.

When negotiating with a prospective buyer, try to avoid making three statements to the buyer that could work against you by lowering the offer you receive for your vehicle.

1. “A hundreds dollars would be fine”

If you own an inoperable car, selling it for even a hundred dollars may seem like a decent return. In reality, the price of a junk car averages between $200 and $400 — and the price can rise higher if the vehicle contains multiple good parts that are in high-demand. If you think a $100 reimbursement is fair, that may end up being what you get, even if you deserve hundreds more.

2. “Can I sell a used car as a junker?”

Yes and no. Because people pay fair market value (FMV) for reliable, used cars, selling a reliable, pre-owned vehicle to a junkyard would yield a significantly lower profit, unless the business had a used car buying program, such as Wrench-A-Part.

Some Killeen, Texas, car buyers that don’t normally buy used cars make lowball offers for an operational vehicle, after learning the owner wants to “sell my car for cash” in a bad way. Plus, used, drivable cars often have plenty of reliable components that can sell for thousands. Some junkyards would sooner have a preowned car picked for parts instead of selling it used.

3. “I’ll accept a check instead of cash.”

Most professionally operated junkyards pay in cash for two reasons: It reduces the amount of cash in the business office, and it ensures the seller is compensated. If a tow truck operator arrives and offers a check instead of cash, ask the company to return when it can pay cash.

You surrender ownership of the car when you sell it, so you should receive a form of payment that can’t be canceled or delayed. If a seller suggests paying with a check or making payment at a later date, cancel the transaction and search for a new buyer.

Wrench-A-Part Can Help

Wrench-A-Part is a professional junkyard with three Texas locations: Austin, Belton, Holland, and Lubbock. We also serve the Killeen area, offering free price quotes, free towing services, and a generous cash payment for vehicles based on their general status: pre-owned cars that still drive, or end-of-life automobiles that are ready for retirement.

To learn more about our services and prices, visit our contact page and call our Texas location nearest to you. We look forward to learning about your vehicle and seeing if we need it in stock!