These Are Solid Ways To Sell Your Car For Cash

Whether you need to upgrade to a new vehicle or simply need to raise some fast cash, learning how to sell my car for cash is a lesson everyone needs. Selling a car for cash is not difficult, but there are a few things you should know to maximize your potential returns. Let’s take a look at a few ideas, shall we?


In some cases, the best you are going to do is sell your vehicle for salvage. This means the car or truck is not running or requires repairs that are too costly. There comes a time in the life of every vehicle when it just is not financially feasible to keep it on the road. This can happen after an accident in which all air bags deploy or damage is so severe as to render the vehicle totaled. Of course, your car may just have come to the end of its usable life. Here are a few tips:

  • Title- some states require a title to sell for salvage, some do not. It is imperative you know the rules of your state.
  • Metal Prices- if you have time to wait, it could be beneficial to sit on your salvage car for a short time. Metal prices fluctuate throughout the year and affect the amount you can get from a salvage yard.
  • Trim- sell some lightweight yet lucrative parts before sending to salvage. For example, on some vehicles, the plastic headlight assembly is worth several hundred dollars even used. Know your vehicles worth!

Private Sale

Are you still wondering how to sell my car? The next best way to transform your car into cash is by completing a private party sale. If your car or truck has a little life left, you can get quite a bit more than salvage by selling it to an individual. Here are a few tips:

  • Clean- even if you are only asking a few hundred dollars, clean that puppy up! Clean cars sell much faster than dirty ones because they give the appearance of being cared for.
  • Replace the do-nut- If you are running around on a do-nut spare (that tiny tire many small cars have for a spare) replace it. Since you are selling the car a brand new tire is not required but at least a decent used tire.

Final Thoughts

What is the best method to sell my car for cash? Either works, though going through a salvage yard is usually quickest. In fact they will often come to your home or other location (if it broke down) and tow the car away for you. When is the last time you got a tow and a check?

Junk Yard Car Parts- Average Car Parts Prices

Can you save money by getting used car parts at the junk yard? Junk yard car parts can be a potential money saver if you know how to shop and what to shop for. There is no truly standard price average for junk parts, but there are a few things you should know before heading to the salvage yard.

Better Off New

When it comes to replacement car parts, there are some you are simply better off purchasing new. These are items that are generally just a few dollars higher at the parts store or are prone to malfunctioning. Here are a few items to skip at the salvage yard:

  • Spark plugs- not worth the trouble and probably ruined
  • Alternator- this part is prone to failure especially if it gets rusty. You would likely need to have one from salvage yard rebuilt, so you are better off skipping this process and repairing yours or getting a new one.
  • Thermostat- no point is cheap enough at parts store
  • Starter- these fall in the same category as the alternator. You might save a little in a pinch but over all, you are better off buying new or having yours rebuilt.

Save Money

Body parts, engines, transmissions and even interior parts are all valuable junk yard car parts. If you are attempting to repair your vehicle on a budget, here are some fast tips:

  • Upull- If you can find a junk yard advertised as U Pull it, you will save money. Of course, you need to have your own tools and the know how to pull the part you need.
  • Compare- Not only should you have the new part price in front of you, it never hurts to comparison shop multiple junk yards. Used car part prices can vary from one junk yard to the next, sometimes significantly.
  • Haggle- Just because a salvage yard quotes a price, this doesn’t mean there is no negotiating room. Offer a lower price. You never know, they might just take it!

Final Thoughts

Junk yard car parts are usually the most affordable option, but that does not mean they are always the best choice. Compare prices diligently and learn which parts should be purchased new if you want to get the best value for your efforts. Used car part prices will vary so don’t be afraid to check out of state, even with shipping, you might get an awesome deal.

Best Ways to Sell Your Car to a Salvage Yard & Best Car Selling Tips

You can no longer use your car after it served you all these years and is now worn out with high mileage. You now want to sell your car and need some tips to do so, right? Well, these tips should help you get the most from your vehicle.

  • Check the local Yellow Pages for nearby junkyards or salvage yards where you can quickly and cheaply deliver your car. Contact each junkyard and give them particulars about your car like its make and model. Answer all questions the junkyard personnel asks you accurately and truthfully to get the best offer for your vehicle.
  • Some junkyards may make offers on the phone if they are interested in your car. Avoid working with junkyards that insist you bring in the car for an estimate as most of them charge extra for bringing it in.
  • Compare the quotes you receive from different junkyards, including the costs for delivering your vehicle to the junkyard. Of course, there’s nothing extra if you can drive your car. But renting a truck to tow it is an additional cost.
  • Once you pick the right junkyard based on your research, drive or pull your car there after removing all your personal belongings and accessories. The junkyard personnel will inspect your vehicle.
  • If you had accurately described your automobile, they should offer the same estimate made over the phone. If you had missed something on the phone, you can now mention it and negotiate to get a reasonable price.

How to get more cash

You can get more cash if you independently sell it’s valuable parts and bargain for a better price for the remaining parts with the scrap yard. However, this is advised only if you understand car parts!

You should have your vehicle title or some document that shows legal ownership to scrap your car, and to prevent illegal sales.

Do call your auto insurer once your car’s scrapped, and you receive your CoD (Certificate of Destruction – proving you have recycled the vehicle and that you are no longer responsible for it). Canceling your policy earns you a refund on any remaining coverage, and a full rebate on remaining months’ tax.

These tips to sell a car, should help you get a much better rate selling the car for cash than anticipated! For more information or help, contact us at 254-831-4905 ext. 1 or simply check out more of our blog posts or visit one of our locations. See all blog posts and locations at our website: 

How To Sell Your Car For Cash Without A Title

You are thinking of selling your car for cash, but have found out you’ve lost your car’s title. There’s no need to panic. While a title to sell car for cash is necessary, all states have a process for applying for a duplicate if it’s lost or stolen.

Title with the bank

If you have used a loan to buy your car, the bank will retain the title until the loan is paid off. If this is your problem, look for a buyer who’s ready to talk to the bank to reach a settlement amount and pay off the loan. The bank then gives you your title, which you hand to the buyer.

Some junkyards are even ready to let you sell car for cash without a title. You just have to show some proof of vehicle ownership like a valid registration and driver’s license.

Lost title

If you’ve lost your title, visit your local DMV and apply for a new one. It should reach you in a week or two. If you need the title immediately, some states will print titles immediately for an additional fee.

Some states don’t issue titles for cars over a set age of usually 25 years, and in some states, for 15 year old cars. This makes it difficult to sell your car if your buyer is from a state that needs a title.

The solution here is to write a bill of sale with your car details included, your contact information and carry both your and the buyer’s signature. Notarizing it makes it even more legitimate. The buyer then fills out some other forms and paperwork to get a new title to register the car in their state.

Buyers should exercise caution

While these are legitimate reasons for not having a title to sell car for cash, buyers have to be careful about buying cars without a title. There’s the risk of the car being a stolen one, which is why the owner doesn’t have a title. Buyers shouldn’t pay anything until they receive the title or any similar ownership document proving the seller is the car’s actual owner.

There may be some buyers ready to buy your car without a title. They have a procedure you have to follow to sell your car like filing for a lost title and getting a duplicate. If you need more guidance to sell your car for cash without a title, pay us a visit at

Removing Junk Yard Parts at Salvage Yard Helps the Environment

Most people sell their junk cars to auto salvage yards to earn some money and to clear their property. While the car may be ‘junk’ to you, auto part removal is the junkyard’s source of income.

They break down your car into various components, sell the usable car parts and recycle as much of the material as possible. So you can do your bit for the environment by selling your junk car to an auto salvage yard.

Recycled steel is more eco-friendly than manufactured steel

With so many resources and energy used for manufacturing a car and its parts, it’s better reusing these parts upon disposing of the car instead of letting it go to waste. For example, instead of using new steel, the existing steel in cars can be recycled to make new car parts. The steel received from recycled old cars is enough to manufacture millions of new cars annually!

Did you know that recycled junk yard parts like steel also helps reduce carbon emissions? A lot of greenhouse gases are generated in the manufacture of vehicles and parts.

Instead of manufacturing steel, it’s better to melt old steel to create new products as it’s energy-efficient and doesn’t have a huge impact on the environment. In fact, studies have proven that the amount of gas that’s released into the atmosphere can be reduced by over a billion tons if each person recycled at least one vehicle in their lifetime.

Abandoned vehicles seep harmful fluids into waterways

Many people make the mistake of abandoning their vehicles when they consider them no longer useful. This has an effect on the natural environment as with time, brake fluids, gasoline, coolants and power-steering fluids may leak into waterways. This is also why you need to find out and ensure recycling firms dispose of all auto parts safely without doing any harm to the environment.

Scarce materials can be recycled

Last, but not least, recycling your car helps re-introduce scarce materials like Lithium into the environment. Instead of auto companies looking for new material sources for manufacturing vehicles, vehicle owners can help by re-introducing these much needed components to the marketplace. Their actions also protect natural areas from further exploitation.

So why not do your part for the environment by recycling your car, and removing junk yard parts at salvage yards. If you want to learn more about auto part removal, and do your bit for the environment, simply check out more of our blog posts or visit one of our locations. See all blog posts and locations at our website: 

Junk Yard Car Parts – What are the average used car part prices?

Junk yard car parts are quickly gaining in popularity among those that want to enhance the appearance and functionality of their vehicles without all of the hefty costs typically involved. If you pinch pennies, consider yourself an avid car parts collector, or simply enjoy remodeling and/or rebuilding vehicles, you are sure to find an immense level of delight when it comes to used car part prices offered at junk yards. While it is true that many opt for new parts obtained from dealers that charge exorbitant rates, this reduces the amount of work that can be placed into a vehicle and the adventure of the repair and upkeep process.

Junk yard car parts vary in price. While a windshield wiper motor may go for $10.00, a radiator cap may go for $1.00. Used car part prices vary by the make, model, and year of the car, as well as the components unique place in the vehicle. While it is impossible to outline all of the costs of the junk yard car parts that are available today, it is possible to provide an estimate. According to salvage facilities, manufacturers, dealers, and consumers, used car part prices may be as much as 80% lower than new car part prices. This means that you are paying 20% of top-dollar prices for what you need.

There are many unique reasons for visiting a junk yard for parts. Perhaps you simply want to improve the appearance of your vehicle and want to obtain body panels, knobs, or special headlights. If you want to improve the functionality of your vehicle, you may opt for seeking out suspension pieces, special exhausts, or even updated electronics. If you are a crafter or a do-it-yourselfer, you may find junk yard parts at the fraction of the costs of typically supplies. If you are an entrepreneur at heart, you could discover many items in a junk yard that can be purchased and sold for a profit.

Regardless of who you are or what your goals are, there is much to be discovered in a junk yard and/or a salvage yard – all at remarkably low rates! If you learn how to pull the parts yourself, you will save even more money! If you want to take a look around at a wonderful selection of parts and pieces that sell for cents on the dollar, visit one of our many locations today:


Which Junk Cars Sell For The Most Money

Junk Car Prices – Which Sell for the Most?

If you have an interest in junk car prices, it probably means that you have a vehicle that you wish to dispose of and make a little profit on. Cash for junk car vehicles is a rising trend. According to research, a junk car can profit you as little as $100.00 or as much as $10,000.00; however, in most instances, consumers receive anywhere from $100.00 to $500.00 for their used vehicles. There is no precise standard when it comes to junk car prices; however, each salvage yard conducts a general appraisal of the vehicle in order to determine its worth.

When conducting the appraisal, the junk yard will consider several different factors. First, they will obtain the make and model of the car, as well as its year of origin. Then, they will evaluate the overall condition of the car. The condition includes both the general appearance of the car, as well as the mechanical operability and/or capability of the vehicle. Then, the location is determined. Immediately thereafter, the current price associated with scrap metal in the region is reviewed. In the end, all of these considerations come together in order to determine the overall value of the car, or the price/cash for junk car you will be offered.

Junk car prices are the highest for those vehicles that are in good running order, appear to be in good shape on the internal and external areas, seem to exhibit high mechanical-based capabilities, and are considered to be “clean”, or “well taken care of”. In terms of models, sports cars, SUVs, and hybrid vehicles are increasingly popular options among salvage yards; therefore, these types of vehicles render sellers the highest amount of profits.

If you want cash for junk car, you must research your vehicle thoroughly. You should ensure that it is as clean as possible and that you know what is what when it comes to operational capability. As with any used purchase, the better looking and better working the product is, the higher chance of receiving a nice cash offer. Junk car prices vary by state and region. If you have a junk car that you are ready to sell, simply contact us today and let us initiate the appraisal process. You could have cash in hand within hours! We have several locations that you may choose from. Click on the following link now to learn more:

Tips for Selling My Car at Salvage Yard

If you are searching for tips to sell car at a salvage yard, it is quite likely that you have a vehicle that has high mileage, is damaged, or is inoperable that you wish to dispose of in order to make a profit. In most instances, it makes financial sense to sell a vehicle for parts due to the fact that the investment to bring it back up to acceptable aesthetic and/or mechanical level is simply more than the vehicle is worth. In this brief guide, you will learn various tips to selling car for cash at a salvage yard. The information contained therein does not cover the vehicle title, the registration, or the unique license plate requirements set by the state in which you reside. You must review the regulations of your state as it pertains to salvage vehicles for this information. If you want to engage in the process of selling car for cash as a salvage yard, simply do the following:

1. Contact the salvage yard that you are interested in doing business with and inquire about the preparation requirements. In some instances, the salvage yard will dismantle the vehicle after acquisition; however, there are many locations that will pay you a higher amount if you dismantle the vehicle prior to surrender.

2. You should inquire as to whether or not you should remove any non-metal based materials and/or parts from the vehicle, such as the tires.

3. Once you have determined how the salvage yard will take your vehicle, you should then determine the value of your car through either the National Automobile Dealers Association or the Kelley Blue Book website.

4. When it comes to tips to sell car at a salvage yard, the next is outlining what is wrong with the vehicle and presenting it to the salvage yard. Whether it is small or large, you should be honest so that the yard is able to determine if they have a true need for what you are offering and, if so, what they will be able to offer you.

5. Finally, you should consult with the salvage yard to determine if there are any forms that you need to submit, additional paperwork that needs to be completed, and to set up a date and time for the transaction.

If you are ready to engage in the process of selling car for cash, we here at Wrench-A-Part Self Service Auto Parts can help! We provide cash for entire cars, parts, and more! We offer you top dollar for what you have to offer! To date, we have purchased nearly 140,000 vehicles and we are consistently looking for more! For more information, visit our website today at:

How To Sell My Car For Cash

Conducting a simple online search for the phrases, “how to sell my car” and “sell my car for cash” will render in excess of 24,000,000 results. While conducting an online search for these phrases is actually a simple endeavor, those that have pursued the activity have found that it can be a complicated task; however, this does not have to be the case. If you are reading this, it is likely that you have a vehicle that is damaged to one extent or another, mechanically-challenged, has an immense amount of mileage, or has accumulated quite a few miles. You either have a desire to move on to a newer, more reliable vehicle, or wish to make a profit on the vehicle that you have devoted so much of your time and earnings to. The good news is, this is possible. Continue reading to learn how to sell your car for cash.

How to Sell My Car

If you are reading this, you have conducted your own internet search of the phrase, “how to sell my car”. While we would like to say that discovering sound advice on how to make the process simple is relatively easy, we know that most results are nothing more than advertisements for various companies that specialize in the monetary acquisition of junk vehicles. In order to maximize your profits, you must complete certain steps to ensure that you are getting top dollar for your vehicle. The following outlines specific steps that will allow you to do just that:

1. In order to maximize the revenue that you obtain from your vehicle, you will want to opt for a company that specializes in both vehicle sales and parts sales. This is especially true if your car has mechanical issues or is not able to be resold for any reason.

2. Once you have found a company that specializes in both sales and parts, you should ensure that they have more than one location. Not only will this ensure that your vehicle will be put to good use, but this maximizes the ability of the company to sell your car or the parts on the car.

3. You should then review the website of the company and look for a form that allows you to enter in contact information and information about your vehicle. This will speed up the review process and helps the company determine if what you are offering is a good match for their needs. Upon filling out the form, click “Submit” and wait for a representative to contact you.

Sell My Car for Cash

In most instances, the representative that contacts you will have an interest in what you have to offer and will provide you with an estimate of what they are willing to provide to purchase the vehicle. If you are searching for ways to “sell my car for cash” and are struggling to find a company that matches the specifics outlined in this guide, we here at Wrench-A-Part Self Service Auto Parts are standing by to assist you. We have four different locations – Austin, Belton, Holland, and Lubbock. Visit our website today to learn more:

Removing Junk Yard Parts at Salvage Yard

Factors to Consider When Removing Junk Yard Parts at a Salvage Yard

When electing to engage in the process of removing junk yard parts at a salvage yard, there are many important factors that should be taken into consideration. While several salvage yards offer online services to consumers, most individuals opt for working with a salvage yard that is in or around where they reside. If opting for an in-person auto part removal business, you should know that there are two main types – full service establishments and businesses that allow customers to pull the required parts themselves. In some instances, establishments offer both professional pulling services and customer pulls. For customer pulls, the costs associated with the part or parts is typically less. The most important consideration that should be made is whether or not you have the skill to pull your own parts. If you lack in this area, it is worth the additional costs to have a professional do the part removal.

The next consideration that should be made when obtaining junk yard parts is the layout of the establishment. Many salvage yards contain hundreds or even thousands of vehicles. While it is obvious you likely know what you need, you will need to know how to find it. Despite their appearance, many of these yards have a standard organizational method and will be able to instruct you on the layout. In many instances, they may even be able to direct you to that which you specifically require. Do not embark on this journey without some sort of assistance or without a worker at the auto salvage yard knowing your general location.

It is a known fact that salvage yards contain mostly vehicles that no longer function. Therefore, you will need to take the time to search for parts that appear to be in good condition. It is advised to avoid certain types of car components that are known to wear quickly. Examples of these include gaskets, belts, and brakes. If you are in search of parts that are included as part of the engine, components of the internal region of your vehicle, and electrical wiring, you will likely find it and discover that it works for your needs.

Finally, you should consider the age of your vehicle, its operational capacity, and its appearance. While junk yard parts are readily available, it may be in your best interest to obtain an entire vehicle that may be stored at your home for regular auto part removal. In some instances, this will save you a lot of time and money. If you need junk yard parts or have a desire to learn more about auto part removal, contact us today by visiting our website at: