Used Car & Truck Parts

The junkyard is one of the best places to visit for car parts. You can save money because junk yards sell used parts at affordable prices. However, you can’t just visit a salvage yard and pick up parts like you do at a hardware or auto parts store.

You have to find and remove your own used car parts from vehicles in the junkyard. So if you are new to this, it is better to keep the following tips in mind when buying used car and truck parts.

1. Perform an online check

Don’t waste time heading to the junkyard only to find out that the junkyard doesn’t have the parts you need. Start your search from home by checking a few online vehicle inventories. Most of the professional salvage yards list their vehicle inventories on their business websites.

A visit to the inventory lets you know if the junkyard has the vehicle you need your part from. Though the inventory lists the vehicles in the junkyard, you need to personally visit the junkyard to find out if it has the parts you need.

2. Check the junk yard’s safety policies

Read the professional salvage yard’s safety policies listing how visitors should behave while in the junkyard. These rules include no smoking, no use of flame cutters and wearing close-toed shoes for safety purposes. Most junkyards ask you to leave the premises if you are caught violating their policies.

3. Tools

While junkyards sell used car parts, they don’t have the tools you need to remove them available to loan. They may at the most have an engine pulling A-frame to remove engines and a wheelbarrow for wheeling parts to the office and paying for them. You need to bring your own screwdrivers, mallets and other tools for removing used car parts.

4. Get help

It’s always better to bring someone along to help you if you need large parts like an engine or flatbed. Don’t assume that the junkyard will provide the necessary manpower or help to physically remove parts too. You have to bring as many people you think you require to get your used car and truck parts.

Now that you know how to buy used car and truck parts from a salvage yard, it’s time to visit a junkyard like Wrench-A-Part. This salvage yard boasts of an extensive inventory of used vehicles and lemons so there’s a high chance of getting your desired used car parts here.

Selling Your Car Quickly To Salvage Car Buyers

Now that your car has reached the end of its life, you want to sell it at junk car prices. Doing so would compensate you a little for the care you have given your car through the years. Fortunately, you can sell your car to salvage card car buyers who pay in cash for junk car parts and used cars. If you need cash fast, salvage yard car buyers can help you. Here are some tips to guide you:

  • Call immediately. Do your homework and see if there are salvage yards in your area or close by. Make sure you look for professionally operated salvage yards. These junk yards are always ready to tow their newly bought used cars back to their lots. Once you finalize your decision in selling your car to a salvage yard car buyer, choose the one you want and call immediately. Most salvage yards have a list. They serve you first if you call ahead of the others. Calling the yard, the same day you decide to sell can put you on their list. The sooner you make it on their list, the quicker you get paid.
  • Never choose salvage yard car buyers who haggle. Your junker car is usually worth only a few hundred dollars. The salvage yard earns a lot more when they sell the parts. There is no reason for the buyer to haggle much, if at all. Haggling prolongs the sale, and this usually results in unfavorable pricing. It is already hard enough to part with your old car. Haggling only makes the effort more heartbreaking.
  • Prepare your Proof of Ownership. The Proof of Vehicle Ownership is an important document. It is required in the legal sale of your car. If you have the proof of ownership when the salvage yard’s tow truck arrives, the sale will happen faster. You can present an auction sales receipt, the owner’s title, a storage lot lien, a repossession affidavit, or the mechanic’s lien, as proof of ownership. The moment you relinquish the ownership of your car, you receive your payment.
  • Position your car properly. Your car needs to be in a towing position before the salvage yard’s tow truck arrives. If your car does not drive anymore, make sure it is set in neutral and then roll it out of the garage. You may need more help in positioning your car if your car is very old. Your car should be on a flat surface with a large space in front for the tow truck to hook it up and load it. The easier it is for them to tow your vehicle, the faster you get paid.

Selling your car to salvage yard car buyers who pay cash for junk car ownership and parts is an easy way to get rid of your junker car. It’s a win-win because you gain room for a new car in your garage, and the salvage yard car buyer profits by selling your car’s parts at junk car prices.

Selling Your Car Quickly

Perhaps you’ve come across ads of salvage yard car buyers who pay cash for cars years before your car has reached the end of its life. Now that your ride’s life has ended, you consider posters that say, “sell car for quick cash.” A car that doesn’t run anymore is an eyesore, indeed. Though it is, your old car still has value. If you sell your old car, you can have additional money to buy a second-hand ride.

Selling your car quickly is not as difficult as you think. Below are some pointers in selling your old car and getting the most out of the transaction:

  • Wait for offers. You should avoid junkyards that tell you to bring your car to their lot so they can give you an estimate. These junkyards charge you for bringing your car in. There are salvage yards that call you and make offers for your car if they are interested. It is better to wait for their calls.
  • Yellow pages. Search your local Yellow Pages for salvage yards or junkyards in your area. These are places where you can deliver your car cheaply. Call each salvage yard and tell them about your car’s details. Expect to answer questions from the salvage yard personnel. Do so truthfully and accurately so that you can get the best offer for your car.
  • Take out all personal belongings. The junkyard personnel will be inspecting your car inside and out. Before you have your car delivered to the salvage yard, make sure that you remove all your accessories and personal belongings you have in there first.
  • Compare quotes. Review the estimates given by the salvage yards interested in your vehicle. See which of them gives a low rate for delivering your vehicle to their lot. Expect to pay additional fees if you are renting a tow truck. If you can drive your car there, you should not pay a delivery fee at all.
  • Document of ownership. Always have a document of ownership on hand. This can be a mechanic’s lien, a car title, or anything that shows you own the car. This makes the sale of your car legal.
  • Negotiate. You can get an estimate over the phone if you describe your car accurately during the call. If you forgot to mention something and the junkyard personnel is at your house already, tell them and then negotiate for a better price.

The quickest way to get money for your old car is by selling it to a salvage yard that pays cash for cars. Check out ads that show “sell car for quick cash” and maybe you can find the right junk yard that can give you a great deal.

Top Prices Paid By Salvage Yard

Selling your junk car is a great idea because junkyards give good used car part prices. However, you can get the best rates only if you do things right. Don’t commit the same mistakes many people make when selling their car to salvage yards.

By avoiding mistakes, you will be able to get the top prices paid by salvage yards and the best rates for junk yard used car parts. Below are some tips to help avoid mistakes that could cost you.

1. Taking the vehicle to the salvage yard

There’s no point in you spending time and money transporting your vehicle to the salvage yard. Yes, it’s true that some junkyards do make customers pay for towing. But there are also many lots that tow your vehicle to their junkyard free. So even if your car is drivable, you can save money having it towed to the salvage yard instead of going through the hassle and expense of doing it yourself.

2. Selling in parts instead of as it is

While most junkyards buy lemon cars, there are also some that buy running condition vehicles. If your vehicle is one of them, don’t sell it to the junkyard as junk. But instead, sell it as a drivable vehicle. You can get a better rate for drivable vehicles from junkyards than auto dealerships because salvage yards have a low overhead.

3. Collecting only one bid

Don’t make the mistake of accepting the first and only bid you get because different junkyards give different quotes. Collect a few bids from a few salvage yards, and compare them before making your final decision.

While some of them do quote fair prices, others tend to haggle with the customer to buy the car at a really low rate. It’s better to collect at least three bids before making your final choice.

4. Obliging to a later payment

You have to relinquish your ownership of the car to the lot once you sell your car for junk yard used car parts. Make sure you are paid on the spot and don’t agree to have the check sent to your home or your office later on. Always avoid buyers who make these suggestions, as other junkyards give you your money on the spot.

If you have to sell an old or used vehicle, you now know the mistakes to avoid so that you get the best used car part prices. You can easily avoid all these mistakes if you sell your car to Wrench-A-Part. They not only pay you a fair price on the spot, but they also tow your vehicle away for free.

Safety In Removing Car Parts At Salvage Yards

Removing used car parts from salvage lots can help you save money. The parts there may be second hand, but they are functional and way cheaper than brand new ones. A salvage yard is not a hazardous place, but you should be careful in going about your business there. Always keep in mind that the best way to remove parts at junk yard properties is to do it safely. Remember the following safety pointers:

  • Steel Toed Boots are necessary. If you have steel toed boots, wear them when you go to salvage lots. These boots can protect your feet when you carry heavy used car parts around. Never wear open toed footwear. If you do not have steel toed boots, wear the toughest shoes you have. Protect your feet at all times to prevent debilitating injuries.
  • Do not smoke. You play with fire when you smoke while working on cars at a salvage yard. Though you are tinkering with old cars that do not run, there are still flammable substances in them. There is also spilled gasoline or oil on the lot, so one light touch of a small flame can ignite everything. Pay attention to the “NO SMOKING” signs at the salvage yard. Break the habit while you search for the used parts you need.
  • Do not use tools that cause sparks. Such tools are battery-powered saws, handheld grinders, and flame cutters. Leave the tools that produce sparks in the safety of your home. Sparks can easily turn into flames when they come in contact with flammable substances like oil or gasoline.
  • Do not forget to wear construction gloves. Hand safety is imperative when you work with used car parts. Wear construction gloves, which are puncture-resistant and a bit heavy but allow you to keep your manual dexterity. Investing on construction gloves is great because you can also use them in various jobs around the house.
  • Leave your kids at home. Please do not bring your kids to a salvage yard. They can get lost or trapped easily in unattended vehicles, which are attractive forts to them. Children could cut themselves or swallow objects easily. Follow the rule in most self-service salvage yards and do not allow children under eighteen inside the salvage yard.
  • Do not drink alcohol. It is always tempting to bring beer or hard drinks at the salvage yard. Sobriety is important while working at the salvage yard. You should be aware of what you are doing because if you make a mistake, you could be injured if you react slowly. Stay alert.

You should always prioritize safety when you are removing uses car parts. The best way to remove parts at junk yard is to arrive alert and prepared, so that you can leave uninjured with every part that you need.

Tools You Need In Used Car Part Removal At A Salvage Yard

Car part removal preparation at junk yards means collecting the right tools. As you know, most salvage yards do not provide the needed equipment for taking used parts from old vehicles. The best way to remove parts at junk yard lots is to bring your own tools. The tools you bring to the yard depend on the types of parts you need from the vehicles at the junk yard. Here are some of them:

  • Oil. Penetrating oil may not be a solid item you can carry to the salvage yard, but it is a very useful tool in removing stubborn car parts such as bolts, and nuts. This oil lubricates crevices that free the stuck parts of the old car. It is a very handy assistant to have at the yard.
  • A-frame. The engine pulling A-frame is the tool you need to remove an entire engine without stress or strain. Many lots provide A-frames free of charge. Even so, you still need to work the equipment by yourself. Bring along someone knowledgeable about the A-frame so that you can finish the engine removal faster.
  • Pliers. Pliers help accomplish the removal of most old car parts. Locking pliers are useful for keeping stubborn components such as nuts and bolts in place. You can also bring regular pliers, type-side-cutters, channel lock pliers, and needle nose pliers.
  • Rachet wrenches. You don’t need to bring an entire collection of wrenches with you. Ratchet wrenches are suitable partners in removing difficult bolts and bolts in very tight spaces.
  • You own battery. Bring your own 12 Volt battery when you go to salvage yards. Make sure you also have alligator clips and jumper cables. This is a very useful tool in testing electrical parts such as radios and power door locks. If there are no keys, you can also open locked trunks and doors with this.
  • Screwdrivers. Many car components are secured by screws. Bring various sizes of flathead and Phillips screwdrivers to help remove such parts.
  • Markers and a notepad. A marker and a notepad can help you remember the junkyard car parts that you need. With these tools, you can also write down measurements.
  • A rubber mallet or a hammer. Certain car components may be stuck because of compressed engine fluids and dirt. You can remove weakly bonded components with your hand. Use a mallet or a hammer to remove components that have stronger bonds.

Complete your car part removal preparation at junk yards first before you go. Remember that the best way to remove parts at junk yard components is by doing so safely with the right tools.

Tools You Need In Removing Used Car Parts

Acquiring junk yard parts can be worth your while if you are willing to spend time and effort in visiting salvage yards. It is true that the car parts you get from salvage yards are already used. You should know what you are searching for, how to remove those parts, and which parts should come off to repair or replace what you already have. Auto part removal needs tools so that you can accomplish the job with ease. Take note that most salvage yards do not provide the labor or the tools to help you out.

Remember that the necessary tools for removing car parts depend on which parts you require. Be prepared by taking the following tools:

  • A set of screwdrivers. Don’t forget a set of flat head and Phillips screwdrivers in various sizes. Many engine parts are supported by screws and bolts. If the part you need is secured by screws, you can remove it with your screwdriver set.
  • A set of rachet wrenches. A rachet wrench set is a vital tool to have when you go to a salvage yard. Rachet wrenches are better than traditional wrenches because they can help remove those bolts in very tight spaces. They also give you more grip in unscrewing bolts. You won’t need to bring other types of wrenches if you already have a rachet wrench set.
  • A sturdy wire or C-clamps. It is possible for long parts to warp if you let them hang loosely as you remove their screws and bolts. A study wire or C-clamps are useful in keeping those long parts in place as you remove the screws and bolts that secure them under the hood.
  • A rubber mallet or a medium size hammer. Having a mallet or a medium size hammer helps you break the tough bonds that keep some parts in place. These bonds may be caused by compressed engine fluids and grime.
  • Pliers. Bring channel lock pliers, type-side-cutters, regular pliers, needle-nose pliers, and locking pliers to help you remove the car parts that you need. Locking pliers are especially useful in holding difficult nuts and bolts.
  • Your own battery. You should bring jumper cables (with alligator clips) and your own 12 Volt battery. This way, you can test different electrical parts such as power seat motors, power door locks, and radios. You can also use a battery in opening car doors and trunks without using keys.
  • An engine pulling A-frame. This helps remove an entire engine easily and safely. Some salvage yards provide this, but you must operate it by yourself. Familiarize yourself with how it works before you go to the salvage yard.

Auto part removal requires patience and knowledge. Once you have the necessary tools, you can be certain that your hunt for junk yard parts will always be hassle-free and safe.

Bring tools to Salvage Yards

Most of us know that you need to take along basic tools like a spanner, screwdriver, pliers, hammer and some wires to hold parts in place when looking for junk yard parts. You need these tools because junkyards don’t pull your chosen parts and hand them over to you. You need to do all the pulling and unscrewing, which is done better with tools you are comfortable using.

Some other interesting things and tools you need to carry along with you for auto part removal at a salvage yard include a bucket insert to hold all your tools and small parts you take off.

A flashlight proves helpful when checking out vehicle nooks and crannies and to make sure you remove the right part. It’s also better if you note how many bolts keep the parts in place and if there are any clips as they all help to ensure a smooth removal process.

You need to carry a few bags and a marker or two to keep left and right hardware separate when ripping apart things like door sets. A notepad also proves helpful for jotting down measurements because you can’t always rely on your memory!

Wear the right attire

As you will be getting dirty, you need to wear the right clothes that are not only comfortable but keep you safe. Wear closed-toe shoes or boots to protect your feet from heavy tools and car parts.

You also need safety glasses to protect your eyes from debris and dust. Long pants like jeans or overalls always offer more and better protection than shorts, along with a jacket to protect your arms.

Restricted tools

Do not carry restricted tools like a cutting torch and jacks to junkyards. It’s also not advised to drink or carry any alcohol to the salvage yard because alcohol can affect your speed and judgment. Not only is auto part removal safer when sober, most junkyards even ask you to leave and may not even let you return if you are caught with alcohol.

As some salvage yards may not have power, it’s worth carrying a charged cordless screwdriver or reciprocating saw to help make removing junk yard parts so much easier and quicker.

Wrench-A-part is an ideal place to head for junk yard parts. They not only have an extensive inventory of used car parts to choose from, they also provide A-frames, wheelbarrows and physical assistance to carry your heavy used car parts like engines around.

Used Truck Parts at Salvage Yards

As a truck owner, you definitely know how difficult it is to keep it well maintained and in running condition all the time. Not only does the truck need regular servicing, sometimes some of its parts may need replacing due to wear and tear or some minor accident. To make things worse, the price of these parts usually turns out to be rather expensive.

This is where you might consider buying used car parts at salvage yards. Not only are these parts cheaper, they are also in pretty good working condition. Most of the time, these used auto parts are half the price of their new counterparts. So you end up saving a considerable amount of money buying all the required parts for a complicated repair job.

Environmentally friendly

It’s also environmentally better if you buy and use used auto parts to repair your truck. When you buy a used car part from a salvage yard, you end up using this part that was someone else’s waste. This leads to a reduction waste pile up.

Buying used truck parts at salvage yards also helps local businesses and the community you live in. This is because you will be giving the junkyard some business buying your part from them. You otherwise have to place an order for the part with the manufacturer, and give some other company business in another city or state.

Take your own tools

You are sure that the used auto parts will fit perfectly into your truck because most of the time, new parts are slightly different from the parts found in your truck. This is mainly because the new parts are altered slightly to accommodate parts of the newest or latest truck models. By buying used truck parts, you are sure that it comes from the same make, year and model of your truck, which in turn means that it will perfectly fit into the truck.

It’s so easy to find these used auto parts. You just have to head to the salvage yard, look around for the truck and part you want, and you can remove the part yourself. The best way to remove parts at the junk yard is by taking your own tools with you because you are most comfortable using them, and you can always ask for help if needed!

If you need used auto parts for your used truck, just head to Wrench A Part. This is a salvage yard that has quite an extensive inventory of used car and truck parts for you to choose from.

Top Prices Paid By Salvage Yards

It’s not easy getting rid of your car after spending so much time and money on it, not to mention the memories. However, it’s something you may have to eventually do, which may not be so difficult if you at least get a good rate for it.

Your junk car’s worth depends mainly on who you approach to sell it to. If your car is rather old, a unique or vintage car, a lemon or it doesn’t look great but is in great working condition, the junkyard may be the best place to sell your car.

Better rates for vintage, luxury, and common cars

Salvage yards do quote good rates for old used cars because there is so much demand for junk yard used car parts. The rates increase if your car is a common model or brand that most people use, which means there’s a higher chance of people looking for used car parts from that model. Junkyards also pay better for vintage and luxury cars as they serve a niche in the used car sector.

As it’s possible to determine the market value of your salvage car, it’s better to do so before heading to the junkyard. Generally, the rate depends on the current market rates for the same car in the same used condition.

The factors that affect the rough price of your salvage car are the repair costs needed to get the car into running condition again and the present market price for scrap metals. As salvage yards can quote higher used car part prices for rarer cars, depending on the make, model and year, you can expect better rates if you too have a rare car.

Make comparisons before buying

Like anything else, it is always better to do some market research first and make some comparisons before you sell your car to the junkyard. You will have to visit at least three different local dealers or services so that you get at least three offers to compare, consider and select from. When doing your research, you will learn what car dealerships pay in the area and thus are in a better position to negotiate a better price.

Wrench-A-Part is one of those junkyards that are always ready to pay top prices for your junk cars. This is because they constantly have people visiting their salvage yard looking for junk yard used car parts. Visit their site to learn more about their used car part prices.